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What is the Gospel and Why is it Relevant? Part 1

Van Gayton

The Gospel, meaning "good news" is what the Apostle Paul says he is not Ashamed of, in Romans 1:16.  He also said woe if someone preach another gospel, which would be a perversion. So what is the good news for a the American culture, dubbed, "Post-modern".  

First of all post modernism says there is no meta-narrative or simply stated, no transcendent story by which all other stories will be judged. No absolutes moral or otherwise. 

God's story is God calling us to be characters in his story and then carriers of His story to everyone else. This story has four main parts; Creation, the Fall, Redemption and Consummation.

The Creation answers the questions of origin, meaning of life, morals and how did we get here.  The Fall tells us what has gone wrong therefore, evil, injustice, suffering, pain and death. Redemption  answers the question, how do we fix this world. It provides hope, forgiveness, healing and restoration through the incarnation. Finally, Consummation deals with the question of where are we going,  paradise, heaven , eternal life a promising future. 

This is all good news from God through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the message all Christians should live by and tell others. It answers all the major questions of life and gives a better answer than all other philosophies and religions. Take this message Public!!!!!