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New Blog

The Universe: Which Presupposition Makes More Sense?

Van Gayton

To be Christian today is consider to be anti-intellectual. It is said Christians do not use their heads but their hearts. Some have described Christianity as "a leap of faith" into the dark.

In Genesis 1 we find the story of Creation. In public schools we hear the story of Evolution. Which is true or make more sense. consider these four alternatives for the Universe:

1. The Universe is an illusion, including evil. This to me appears to be a nonsensical statement. Pain, suffering and death are to real to be an illusion as some eastern mystical religions purport.

2. The Universe is eternal. Aristotle said the gods made the universe out of pre-existing matter. Then came Albert Einstein and the law of General Relativity. We now know the by the second law of thermodynamics, called entropy, that the universe is expanding and cooling off(red shift). It is moving toward heat death, which is -270 degrees below zero. Because the universe is coming to and end it had to have a beginning therefore, not eternal in nature. 

3.The Universe is self-created. This is for sure a nonsensical statement. In order for something to create itself it had to exist before it existed. (what?) This is the basis of Evolution which purports something came from nothing by time and chance. Remember the laws  of nature did not exist eternally but came into being at creation. Not spontaneous generation as some atheistic scientist say. By the way what is "chance" a mathematical abstraction but certainly not a entity with power.

4. The Universe is created by an Eternal Creator. This is the Christian belief from the Bible and makes more sense than the alternatives. Intelligent design is the only logical answer. A transcendent causal agent who is  the uncreated creator, having no beginning or ending and pre-existing space, time and matter. Genesis 1:1, " In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". Amen

This is the only reasonable, intelligent explanation for the universe and all that is in it. This is where we all come from and the good news is we are made in His image and HE loves us all.  Professing ourselves to be wise let us not become fools. Romans 1:18-23