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A Christian response to the Issues of our day

Van Gayton

 Hello everyone

My intent is to lay down some ground rules that I teach the youth in school on public debate.

First, there are three words we need to define. the word Argument, meaning being logical. Second, is the word Altercation,which means to get emotional and irrational and call names. Third is the word Assumption, which means to draw conclusions without proper research of the matter.

 My goal is that we all learn to Argue well, having public manners at all times. This is what is missing in our present society. Paul exhorted Timothy to "Be ready to answer everyone who ask, with meekness and fear."  The tone of our discussions, no matter how passionately we believe something should be in the spirit of love and truth. 

 In a pluralistic society tolerance has come to mean, that I not only agree with you but affirm your view or behavior. Tolerance traditionally has meant, I respectfully differ with you. As a public theologian, I will also bring a Gospel-Centered outlook to the issues at hand. The Gospel means just that, Good News for all.

Let us begin this blog with this spirit and manners in mind. To God be the Glory!!